Glue gun use and production process

Time:2018-08-30 12:00:00

The glue gun adjusts the thermal conductivity of the adhesive by adding different amounts and types of thermal conductive insulating fillers such as silicon nitride, boron nitride, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. The glue gun uses different amounts of plasticizer to adjust the viscosity and toughness of the adhesive. To adapt to industrial coating production.

The glue gun is a moisture-curing foam. The glue gun should be sprayed on a wet surface when used. The higher the humidity, the faster the curing. The uncured foam can be cleaned with a cleaning agent, and the flow control valve and wrench of the gun control the amount of foam flow. When the glue gun stops using the injection, the flow valve is closed clockwise. The cured foam will be yellowed when exposed to UV light. It is recommended that the surface of the cured foam be coated with other materials. Immediately after use of the spray gun, clean it with a special cleaning agent.

Uncured foam is sticky to the skin and clothing. Do not touch the skin and clothing when using. The pressure in the gun can is 5-6kg/cm2 (25°C). The temperature during storage and transportation should not exceed 50°C. The tank blasting glue gun tank should be kept away from direct sunlight. It is strictly forbidden for children to contact. The empty cans after use, especially the glue gun cans that have not been used up partially, should not be littered. It is forbidden to burn or puncture the empty cans. Keep away from open flames and do not touch flammable or explosive materials.