How to use the glue gun correctly?

Time:2018-08-30 12:00:00

How to properly use the glue gun to prevent the glue from flowing out when the glue is stopped?

Usually, the glue gun is applied by applying pressure to the glue gun, and the “drive shaft” is pushed forward to make the glue squeeze out to complete the construction process. It is the product of the thin bottle series, and the bottle will have a certain expansion due to the pressure during the rubberizing process. For example, during the use, you only stop the pressure on the glue gun, and the thin bottle is expanded by the original. Shrinkage recovery, plus the inertia of the "active shaft" of the glue gun and the forward thrust. Even if the glue gun stops applying pressure, the glue of the rubber nozzle will continue to flow out a little, which will cause inconvenience to the constructor and will affect it. Construction Quality. Therefore, when using it, when the construction needs to stop the glue, you should immediately press the iron piece of the spring part of the glue gun by hand (usually we can press the thumb of the hand of the glue gun to lightly click), so that The forward inertia of the "active shaft" is reduced to zero. Because the bottom cover stops being pressed, the pressure of the expansion and contraction of the rubber bottle will cause the bottom cover to retreat backwards, which will greatly reduce the chance of the glue outflow.